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5 must-have ergonomic office accessories. How many do you have?

O.plan® Ergonomics Team . November 26, 2021

Your workplace already boasts ergonomic furniture. All you need is an ergonomic powershot - ergonomic office accessories that will inject your office with the final shot of ergonomics that it needs Working professionals who use ergonomic furniture such as standing...
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7 Home-Office Ideas for Small Spaces: Suggestions

O.plan® Ergonomics Team . November 12, 2021

Necessity is the mother of invention and wherever necessity is, creativity is never far behind – be excitingly creative with these minimalistic WFH setups. Whether you like it or not, you can’t escape a home-office these days. Today, a home-office...
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7 Work from Home Tips to Keep you Healthy and Energized

O.plan® Ergonomics Team . October 4, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a seismic shift in how we view our working lives. Thrust into remote working as offices closed, many of us have enjoyed the obvious benefits that working from home brings -  losing the commute, we...
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The Positive Impact of Ergonomics in Workplace Productivity

O.plan® Ergonomics Team . September 25, 2021

At the heart of ergonomics are the twin goals of safety and efficiency. Protecting the safety and well-being of employees as they work leads to improved efficiency and productivity in the work environment, improved morale and better job satisfaction. The...
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What are Orthopaedic specialists Saying About Ergonomic Office Chairs?

O.plan® Ergonomics Team . September 8, 2021

Before discussing what are orthopaedic specialists saying about ergonomic office chairs?, let understand first what are office ergonomics? The term “ergonomics,” as described by the Cambridge Dictionary refers to “the scientific study of people and their working conditions, especially done...
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Standing Desk vs Ergonomic Chair. Why Should We Choose Both?

O.plan® Ergonomics Team . August 28, 2021

If you’re now working from home (or you are responsible for office seating) you will almost certainly have come across the concept of a standing desk. These pieces of furniture let workers stand up as they work and keep their...
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What are the best materials for Ergonomic chairs, and why?

O.plan® Ergonomics Team . August 20, 2021

Not all ergonomic chairs are created equal. While manufacturers design them to best support the human body, they all do it in different ways, some better than others.  Ergonomic chairs work carefully to improve the comfort, posture and health of...
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What is an Ergonomic Chair?

O.plan® Ergonomics Team . May 5, 2021

Defining what exactly is an ergonomic chair and what use are ergonomic chairs for bad backs, neck pains and lumbar back support. We find out how to chose the right ergonomic chair for you and all the benefits of using chairs with lumbar back support, mesh back, height adjustable features and adjustable arms.
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How to stay productive working from home

O.plan® Ergonomics Team . April 19, 2021

Having trouble working from home while staying productive? The deadlines haven't changed but you're work environment has? The expectation to do the same work but from a different location is our current reality. Expectations are high and our work load...
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Ergonomics, Human factors and their importance in the workplace

O.plan® Ergonomics Team . April 5, 2021

When discussing ergonomics in the workplace and the best ways to improve how ergonomic an office can be, we first need to understand the exact meaning of ergonomics before we begin to apply it to our working lives. Click to read more!
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