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Sit Less...Move More with Our Height Adjustable Desks. We offer UK's most Diverse Adjustable Desk Range in a variety of Exciting Colours and Sizes!

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Let's Help You Choose the Perfect Adjustable Standing Desk For Your Office:

All Adjustable Standing Desks

Standing desks are ergonomically designed to rise up/down with the touch of a button. Our standing desks are ideal for all types of offices and come in sizes 120cm - 180cm wide. Engineered for stability even at the max height level suitable for people up to 6ft 6" tall.

Explore All the Desks?

Choose this option if you are not sure which standing desk you want and would like to explore all the available options. 

Corner Standing Desks

Our corner standing desks are a popular option among savvy professionals, programmers, gamers and architects. If you or your employees use multiple monitors and computer equipment then Corner K and L-shaped desks are for you.

Why Buy Corner Standing Desks?

Choose this option if you need a standing desk with extra space, stability & highest quality available on the market. 


Control Your Comfort...Hack Your Productivity!

Play the videos below to see some of the UK's best adjustable desks in action!


Not Sure Which Adjustable Desk Are You Looking For?

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Bamboo Standing Desks

Our modern bamboo standing desks are a fantastic and flexible way to alter your body position offering relief from hours of sitting without having to stop what you’re doing. If you are looking for a spectacular yet sustainable standing desk option then Bamboo desks are for you!

Why Buy Bamboo Standing Desks?

Choose this option for a sustainable option. All bamboo desks are low in power consumption and made with 100% original bamboo.

Standing Desks for Home Office

Transform your WFH experience with our home office standing desks. Smart and economical standing desks are carefully designed with your individual home office needs in mind. Some of our home office desks come with safety features like a child lock and an anti-collision!

Why Buy Home Office Standing Desks?

Choose this option for buying standing desks with small and compact designs ideal for home offices with limited space. 

Standing Desk Converters

Transform your traditional or fixed-height workspace into a smart sit stand desking experience with a touch of a button. Our stylish sit stand desk converters are the perfect solution and a cost-effective alternative to full height-adjustable desks.

Why Buy Standing Desk Converter?

Choose this option if your want a sit-stand experience on your stationary desk at a price more affordable than standing desks. 

Standing Desks for two

A height-adjustable workstation for two people at once, allowing you the freedom to find you’re own individual perfect height. These desks have been specifically designed for large and medium commercial office spaces with full cable management. 

Why Buy Double Standing Desks?

Choose this option if you are looking to install multiple standing desks in a large office space. 

Adjustable Desks You'll Love


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When you spend most of your day at a desk, it really does become your home away from home! Just like a home, we offer you our collection of smart office desks in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Choosing the right desk depends on your exact needs. We offer a collection of cutting-edge work desks driven by the latest technology & innovation. Our desks are durable, affordable and even adjustable all with the O.plan hallmarks of style and cutting-edge design. Our enormous collection of smart desks come in single and double options - always your needs, your choice.

A good desk is very important. Whether you’re setting up your home office to work from home, or furnishing an office for your business, the office desks you choose can make a difference to the work you do, how you feel at work and how your employees and customers view you. It is a big part of creating a workspace that is smart, comfortable to work in, and encourages you to be productive.

Modern Desks for Your Contemporary Workspace

The office desk has changed a lot in recent years. Now, a basic one is often not enough, and technology is being used to create desks that are more ergonomic. Anyone who has worked sitting at a desk all day knows that the wrong one can lead to back and shoulder pain. Sitting all day is bad for your posture and your fitness levels, so many people now choose a standing desk. Thanks to electrical versions, you can now adjust the height of your desk at the touch of a button. This means that you can work seated or standing and can adjust your desk to the perfect height for you in both positions. No more hunching over a too short desk!

We offer a range of smart height adjustable desks for you to choose from. Our collection includes the UK's premium most quality electrical desks. Our desks are built on a robust steel frame, designed for a powerful, smooth and quicker movement. Our desks are installed with technology like built-in anti-collision software to completely prevent any potential risks and damages. You can buy our smart steel frames DIY kit to build your own sit stand desk. You can choose to use a top from your old desk or buy a new one to design your very own height adjustable desk.    

What Are the Benefits of Our Standing Desks? 

standing desk features and benefits

Our smart desks designed by Levanta®, help you get more active and productive at work. Some of the benefits include:

  • Use ergonomics to promote your wellbeing at work
  • Engineered to help you prevent musculoskeletal disorders
  • Dual/Triple motorized desks
  • Silent, quick & smooth sit-stand movement
  • Scratch and heat resistant desktops
  • Uses software for a built-in safety function
  • Programmable memory functions to save preset heights
  • Impressive 10 year warranty
  • Certified and tested for safety and durability
  • Free delivery on every desk we sell


These modern office desks are built with ergonomics in mind, so you can work comfortably without getting stiff, sore joints, or damaging your posture. If you aren’t uncomfortable when you work, you’ll be better able to concentrate, which means you will be more productive. If you’re furnishing an office, the right desking setup can lead to more employee productivity and wellbeing, thanks to a more comfortable work environment. You can use our modern office desks as your computer desks as well, making your office look smart and professional, ideal when you’re just starting out but need to present a professional image to clients and customers who come in. There is plenty of ergonomic furniture and accessories to choose from.   

Smart Sit Stand Desks

Standing Desks are Smart, Ergonomic and completely safe to use. Standing or Sit Stand desks is our most popular options. All of these are height adjustable, so you can stand for a few hours a day and sit for the rest.
Their electronic nature makes these adjustments very fast and easy, with no lifting involved. These are made with a lot of precision and pass several quality tests; therefore, they are completely safe to be used. 

By choosing a desk like Levanta® Pro+ powered by dual motors, you can navigate the height of your desk with the touch of a button. All you do is press a button, and your desk will smoothly move into place, without disturbing your all-important equipment on the desk’s surface. All our desks like Pro+ use silent motors also mean you don't have to worry about employees disturbing each other when they move the desk's position.   

Standing Desk Converters

If you love the desk you have, we also have smart electronic desk converters, that can be placed on top of your current desk, hassle-free. These converters are a good way to test if working standing up is for you, before making the investment in buying a standing desk. Get a converter for yourself today and transform your traditional desk into a smart one.

Adjustable Standing Corner Desks

For at home, or for smaller offices, we offer a collection of smart corner desks. These are a great way to make use of limited space at home or the office. A corner desk is a great option for you if you use a lot of computer equipment and still need extra space for writing or keeping additional ergonomic accessories. You can choose from the different shapes of a desk to fit at the corner of your room like an L shape desk for larger space or a K shape desk for a comparatively smaller space.

Adjustable Desk and Chair Set

To go with your new desk, you’ll also need a smart ergonomic chair. Like an ergonomic desk, the right chair will also help you to maintain good posture as you work, preventing back pain and other problems. The right chair should be comfortable to sit in for long periods and should offer support, especially for your lower back. Combine your ergonomic chair with a sit-stand desk, so you can work comfortably whether you’re working sitting down or standing up. The combination of the two makes for the ideal smart office. 

Choosing the Right Standing Desk

With the right desk, whether you’re working from home or furnishing your office, then you can create an indoor or outdoor workspace that promotes your wellbeing. To add to a healthier workspace, you can also choose to buy high-quality pre-built pods for meetings and work. The right adjustable desk aids better posture, better levels of concentration, more productivity, and better health. Additionally, a good standing desk is stable, robust and lasts for years to come. Give yourself and your employees, the right office furniture for a healthier, more productive workforce.