Corner Standing Desks

Our range of K shaped and L shaped adjustable corner desk is a clever addition to almost any office or home workspace. Explore our collection today!

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    Kay corner white frame with props
    Kay premium corner sit stand desk (white legs)
    As low as Our Price: £449.00 £538.80 Was Our Price: £842.40
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  2. Save 36%
    Kay corner sit stand with props
    Kay premium corner sit stand desk (black legs)
    As low as Our Price: £449.00 £538.80 Was Our Price: £842.40
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  3. Save 36%
    Kay sit stand grey frame close up
    Kay premium corner sit stand desk (grey legs)
    As low as Our Price: £449.00 £538.80 Was Our Price: £842.40
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    bend ahead desk
    Bend ahead premium corner sit stand desk (black legs)
    As low as Our Price: £449.00 £538.80 Was Our Price: £867.60
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  5. Save 38%
    Bend ahead white frame graphite
    Bend ahead premium corner sit stand desk (white legs)
    As low as Our Price: £449.00 £538.80 Was Our Price: £867.60
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  6. Save 38%
    Bend ahead grey frame with props
    Bend ahead premium corner sit stand desk (grey legs)
    As low as Our Price: £449.00 £538.80 Was Our Price: £867.60
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6 Results

UK's Best Height Adjustable L Shaped Desks

Office furniture has evolved over the years, and a desk is no longer just a surface on which to place a laptop and some files. Modern-day height adjustable desks are designed to solve problems, prevent poor posture, maximise usable space and enhance the aesthetic of an office or a home-based study. Corner desks are an increasingly popular option among savvy employees, gaming professionals and remote workers. Corner sit stand desks not just provide extra space to work or for the equipment, they look fantastic too!. 

We are proud to offer our customers a dazzling array of corner computer desks, L shaped gaming desks and other styles of corner sit stand desks. We combine creative thinking with cutting-edge technology to source furniture that delivers on both style and substance. Our range of ergonomic desks and chairs provides comfort, encourages good posture and always enhances interior design.

Idea icon Imagine Saving Money & Helping the Planet While You Work?

You won’t have to say goodbye to your beloved old desk!

Everyone is talking about sit stand desks as they are amazing and hugely beneficial, but what about another option! An option that saves you money and you get to improvise with what you already have! Use your imagination, whatever kind of desktop you have, re-use it! Create your own corner desk with just one standing desk frame. You get a whole new working experience, enjoying all the benefits of a sit stand desk! Your desk, your way. Be different, be you!


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The benefits of buying corner desks

There are several benefits to buying an L shaped office desk, including:

Making the most of your office space: whether you’re working at home, or you run a business, whether you rent or own office space, investing in corner desks is an excellent way to make the most of every inch of the available room. Corners are often redundant and using a corner desk is a clever means of using the entire area and giving individuals more space.

Aesthetics: Even though we say so ourselves, our corner PC desks and workstations look fabulous. Each item features a flawless finish and we source products made from high-quality, scratch-resistant materials. We have a range of styles available like L shape, K shape, right-handed, left-handed, white corner desks and grey corner desks. Whatever your style, we cater for every taste. From rustic, traditional home workplaces to modern, cool offices, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect corner office desk.

Cutting-edge technology: the average person spends around 36 hours per week at work, and often, this means sitting for a prolonged period each day. Our range of desks utilizes cutting-edge technology and design concepts to improve posture, deliver comfort and offer office workers the freedom and flexibility to change position. Our sit and stand electronic single and corner desks are among our top sellers, bought by those who care about their health. If you would like an alternative to the height adjustable desks, we recommend you to buy an adjustable desk converter instead while enjoying all the benefits of an adjustable desk. 

Here are a few features that come along with our smart corner desks: 

  • Promotes your health and wellness at work
  • Helps you improve posture and prevent musculoskeletal challenges
  • Powered with dual/triple electric motors for a quick sit stand movement
  • The robust steel frame comes with an extra loading capacity
  • Anti-collision technology on the frames for safety
  • Easy touch navigation for up-down positions
  • Programmable memory for setting your favourite heights 
  • Digital control unit display
  • Industry-leading 7 year warranty
  • Tested for safety
  • Certified for durability and sustainability
  • Free delivery on all corner desks


caution signBe aware of cheap imitations!
Unfortunately, there are many low-quality electric corner desks available in the market for cheaper prices. These desks are built with low-grade materials and are not tested for safety and durability.
We would like to reassure our customers that all Leavanta® desks are certified and tested for both safety and durability. For any questions related to our products, please don't hesitate to contact us or call our team at 20 3744 4496.


If you still can't decide, we have various other office desking solutions for you to choose from. Our collection of corner office desks come in an array of the latest colour trends - graphite grey, oak, beech, white - all are sure to complement your office decor or your business branding. To find out more about our fantastic, ergonomic office furniture options, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you need advice or inspiration, our team will be happy to help.