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UK's Best Sit Stand Desk Converters

Transform your traditional or fixed-height workspace into a smart sit stand desking experience with a touch of a button. Our stylish sit stand desk converters are the perfect solution and a cost-effective alternative to full height adjustable desks. Explore our range of UK's best standing desk converters today!

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  1. giraffe one black
    Giraffe-1 standing desk converter
    As low as Our Price: £275.00 £330.00

    Sit-Stand Experience (Single Monitor)

    • Simple & easy Up/Down Controls
    • 2 Programmable Height Settings
    • Max Weight Capacity: 50kg
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  2. Save 40%
    standing desk converter
    Desky standing desk converter
    As low as Our Price: £234.00 £280.80 Was Our Price: £464.40 Was £ 387

    Old Desk to Smart Desk in Seconds

    • Up/Down Controls & Digital Display
    • 2 Programmable Height Settings
    • Premium Laminated Finish
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  3. giraffe two white
    Giraffe-2 standing desk converter
    As low as Our Price: £297.00 £356.40

    Sit-Stand Experience (Dual Monitors)

    • Simple & easy Up/Down Controls
    • 2 Programmable Height Settings
    • Max Weight Capacity: 50kg
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3 Results

Electric Desk Converters We Bet You'll Love

Do you have a fixed - height workspace but wish you could stand while working rather than sit? Our range of electric standing desk converters is the perfect solution - easy, quick and effective. Our simple but sturdy sit stand desk converters are the perfect height-adjustable solution for a fixed-height workspace. You can quickly raise or lower your monitor or laptop at the push of a button, our smart electric desk converters can hold up to 50kg.

O.plan ® offers single and dual monitor standing desk converter options, Oplan® provides a smooth, flat work surface measuring up to 700cm. No matter if you’re working from home, at the office, or as part of an impromptu initiative - productivity is always important. For this reason, understanding how to make the best of your daily working procedure is important. This is, almost always, linked to our health and ability to concentrate and reach our best potential each day.


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For this reason, more and more people are turning to standing desks as a thorough working aid. Not only do standing desks allow desk workers of all kinds to reclaim their sense of vitality and attentiveness, but they undo the long-term damage of sitting, providing you alternate paths to maintain your working health. You'll notice the difference when using these products that when you do stand up, you can focus, think clearer and have more creativity thanks to the enhanced circulation.

Benefits Of Sit Stand Desk Converter by O.plan

Standing or sit stand desks are desks with a framing mechanism designed to safely raise and lower in an ergonomic fashion, allowing a user to stand up and sit down at their pleasure with the touch of a button. This allows them to stretch their legs while working and helps them avoid the long-term health effects that come from sitting. These health effects may include a lack of activity and its associated effects, poor posture, and even intense tiredness once the afternoon rolls around. For some, the long-term effects could also include limiting blood circulation or encouraging harmful and shallow breathing habits.

Our desk converters work on a similar principle as the sit stand desks and give you similar full height adjustable experience without buying a new desk.

  • More affordable than a sit stand desk (Up to 50% cost-effective) 
  • Ergonomically designed to promote your wellbeing at work
  • Engineered to help you prevent musculoskeletal disorders
  • Designed to keep you active and focused
  • Electrically motorized power for easy navigation
  • Silent, quick & smooth sit-stand movement
  • Scratch and heat resistant
  • Anti-collision software for a built-in safety function
  • Programmable memory functions to save your favourite heights
  • An industry-leading 5 year warranty
  • Certified and tested for safety and durability
  • Free delivery on every converter we sell
  • Comes in both dual and single monitor holder options

For this reason, these new age ergonomic desks are an incredible investment for managers that wish to preserve the health and productivity of their staff in equal measure, or those simply looking to spruce up their office with friendlier working ergonomics. 

A stand up desk converter works on the same principles of a sit-stand desk and helps simplify this process, as some may wish for a more affordable option, or perhaps they haven’t the space to use a full, dedicated standing desk. No matter, because converters are widely popular thanks to their utility, ease of installation, and appropriateness for a range of workplaces. Not only this, but they are stylish additions to any desk, integrating well with your chosen working aesthetic.

Our high-tech wooden finish standing desk converters are safe and suitable for a wide range of users, no matter their height, weight or working preferences. We have selected the best standing desk converters in UK for you to choose from.

Converters can alternate between Post & Base, a sturdy post that offers a singular column from which your keyboard holder and monitor attachments can be adjusted for the better. These electric standing desk converters allow for easy lifting up and down, often saving surface space thanks to their vertical nature. They are very simple to operate due to their high-tech functionality, helping you gain the desired effect at the push of a button.

Before long, you’ll see just how our wonderful standing desk converting products can transform your old, traditional working desk area into a sleek, robust, and customized utility. Also, make your workstation even more productive by choosing an ergonomic chair from our furniture collection for home and offices.