Standing Desk Frames

Standing Desk Frames, the alternative eco-friendly option for you! Introducing Ergonomics and Recycling, hand in hand! If you already have an office desk but want to upgrade and change up your working space, this is the option for you!

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4 Results

  1. Topless 2's Company Smart Desk Frame
    Topless 2's company smart desk frame
    As low as Our Price: £1,152.00 £1,382.40

    Double Frame, Double Transformation

    • Designed for Commercial Spaces
    • Suitable for People Up to 6ft 6inches
    • Max Weight Capacity: 120kg (Each)
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  2. Topless homey grey
    Topless homey adjustable standing desk frame
    As low as Our Price: £578.00 £693.60

    Robust and Stylish Round Frame

    • Up/Down Controls & Digital Display
    • Suitable for People Up to 6ft 3inches
    • Max Weight Capacity: 100kg
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  3. Topless Pro+ black
    Topless pro+ adjustable standing desk frame
    As low as Our Price: £384.00 £460.80

    The Best Standing Desk Frame 

    • Programmable Memory Control Unit
    • Suitable for People Up to 6ft 6inches
    • Max Weight Capacity: 100kg
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  4. Pro Black Frame
    Topless pro adjustable standing desk frame
    As low as Our Price: £300.00 £360.00

    Most Affordable Dual Motor Frame

    • Easy Up/Down Controls
    • Suitable for People Up to 6ft 3inches
    • Max Weight Capacity: 100kg
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4 Results

Height Adjustable desk Frame Collection You'll Love

We don’t mean to boast, but we’re going to anyway, these are the best sit stand desk frames in the UK!

The Topless series of sit stand Desk Frame gives you an instant ergonomic solution, without the price or commitment of a full sit stand desk. Absolutely winning!

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So what are your options? And how does it work? We have a full range of desk frames for you to find the best option that suits your individual needs. Whichever one you chose you can be rest assured you are helping in saving the planet and getting an ergonomic solution to your workstation, whichever frame you chose!

Sit Stand Desk Frames by O.plan® to Optimize Your Desking Experience

The Topless Homey frame is one of our bestsellers, it’s the most recommended desk frame for home use! When you’re working at home, limited space doesn’t have to mean limited mindset and progress. You can still reach your full potential and get the home office experience you deserve. You really get the best of both worlds by keeping your own old desktop, recycle it and just get yourself the desk frame.

Did you ever think you could just transform your work situation as easily as this?! All while feeling truly environmentally conscious and saving money, it’s a win-win purchase. You win and the environment benefits.

It’s a simple upgrade but will be the best investment you make for yourself. Going from sitting uncomfortably and sedentary all day to being active throughout your day. It’s a healthy choice that you won’t regret making.

We also have the Smart Topless Pro frame which uses a dual-motor system for smooth height adjustment, extremely low noise levels, safety stop-start function. Our Topless Pro+ standing desk frame in addition to all the Pro frame features also has a digital memory keypad with 3 programmable height settings. 

Then there’s also the Topless 2’s company, this frame is the best of both worlds! This desk frame for two is the desk frame for you! Twice the benefits, twice the fun! All while catering for the individual's needs. You may want to stand in the afternoon, your colleague may have been standing already and now want to sit! No problem! The Topless 2’s company enables both people to have individual needs at the same time.

Smart Features of our Standing Desk Frames

With our range of desk frames, you get the instant upgrade to a sit stand desk with all the smart features, cable management and style! Its quick movement, anti-collision detector for safety, low operating noise so you don’t disturb anyone, a reliable and reassuring 7 year warranty and a No-fuss DIY kit to turn your home desk into an ergonomic desk instantly!

We know that a tidy desk equals a tidy mind so it's time to put that into practice, treat yourself and get more active today!

Definitely the smartest purchase you make for yourself and your home this year!