Smart accessories to transform your workspace! You might not realise it, but the interior design of your workspace has a huge impact on your mood, as well as the work that you are able to produce. Take a leap in the right direction by investing in some new office accessories that can succeed in transforming the space.

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    ergonomic footrest
    Eze tiltable ergonomic footrest
    As low as Our Price: £26.00 £31.20 Was Our Price: £56.40 Was £ 47
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    black kito X pedestal closed
    Kito-x metal pedestal
    As low as Our Price: £149.00 £178.80 Was Our Price: £213.60 Was £ 178
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    white kito metal pedestal yellow cushion
    Kito-x metal pedestal (with seating)
    As low as Our Price: £219.00 £262.80 Was Our Price: £314.40 Was £ 262
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    desk cable basket in black colour
    Smart desk cable basket
    As low as Our Price: £24.00 £28.80 Was Our Price: £48.00 Was £ 40
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    emma monitor arms black
    Emma dual monitor arm
    As low as Our Price: £125.00 £150.00 Was Our Price: £211.20 Was £ 176
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    Levanta Monitor Arm
    Levanta monitor arm
    As low as Our Price: £89.00 £106.80 Was Our Price: £170.40 Was £ 142
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    leap dual monitor arm in silver
    Levanta dual monitor arm
    As low as Our Price: £139.00 £166.80 Was Our Price: £249.60 Was £ 208
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    cable spine black
    Cable spine
    As low as Our Price: £19.00 £22.80 Was Our Price: £36.00 Was £ 30
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    emma single monitor arm
    Emma single monitor arm
    As low as Our Price: £73.00 £87.60 Was Our Price: £118.80 Was £ 99
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  19. Save 33%
    magnetic cable protector for your smart desk
    Magnetic cable protector
    As low as Our Price: £8.00 £9.60 Was Our Price: £14.40 Was £ 12
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  20. Save 27%
    Gymba Standing Board 46.5cm x 30.5cm - Dark Graphite
    Gymba standing board 46.5cm x 30.5cm - dark graphite
    As low as Our Price: £102.00 £122.40 Was Our Price: £166.80 Was £ 139
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39 Results

Smart Office Essentials to Transform Your Workspace!

Do you feel energised, focused and ready to work when you enter your office each day? Or do you feel tired, unmotivated, and uncomfortable when you sit down at your desk?

A room that contains old shabby furniture and blank white walls is bound to affect even the most optimistic of individuals. 

Investing in ergonomic furniture, workspace and home office accessories can be of real benefit in the workplace, as aches and pains are often associated with long periods sitting down at an uncomfortable desk space. Feeling any discomfort whilst at work can be an enormous distraction, so if you want to maintain high levels of productivity then there is truly no time like the present to invest in the best equipment to make it happen. Anti-fatigue office mats can make a huge difference if you are standing up for most of the day, whilst office footrests can slide neatly underneath desks to massively reduce the likelihood of aches and pains. Our high-quality gas monitor arms are perfect if you work on multiple screens.

Simply providing your team with the basics (a desk and a chair) is not enough to encourage their productivity, so the responsibility is yours to offer your staff the resources they need to thrive. If you are working from home, the home office desk accessories are even more important to maintain and encourage productivity.

The organisation is another essential feature of a successful business, so having many desks in an office space that feature piles of paper, as well as drawers filled with random objects and tools, are a real no-no if you’re truly looking to motivate and inspire your team to reach their full potential. Office storage units are such a useful investment. By taking a small amount of time to arrange your materials and devices in a smart and efficient way you can save so much time and stress in the long run. There’s nothing worse than fumbling around trying to identify ‘where did I put it last’, so avoid this by simply utilising a quality storage unit or two.

Gaining different levels of privacy within your business is something that affects almost every office and it’s never been more achievable when you are able to utilise some of the office accessories available on the market today. From simple office partitions and desk screens that can be moved easily to divide a space to high-quality acoustic solutions that reduce echoes and other distracting sounds, there are just so many options to choose from. While working from home, acoustic panels can be very useful during video conferencing. An office partition wall is one of the best investments you can make as they can be repositioned at any time to suit your specific needs, whether this might be the creation of desk cubicles or a private meeting area that’s away from the hustle and bustle of your main working space.