Acoustic Panels

Looking to find peace in the present moment? Wish that you could block out annoying sounds and have better concentration at work? Take control of the sound around you with our range of acoustic panels and bring Zen back to the hustle and bustle of busy, modern everyday work life. Not to mention the stunning design that adds to the aesthetics of your workspace!

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4 Results

Fantastic office acoustic solutions for reducing the resonance within a space, our acoustic panels are designed to control noise issues at your office or at your home.

Uses and benefits of acoustic panels

While there is no permanent way to block out the sound of loud coworkers in the team meeting next door unless you fully soundproof your entire room or use an acoustic office pod, acoustic panels are a great alternative when it comes to taking back control over the noise that makes its way into your environment.

A fantastic solution for reducing the resonance within a space, best acoustic panels for office can control most of your noise issues. Our panels are useful in a wide range of areas, whether it’s your home theater or home office, our acoustic wall panels made with the highest quality materials help with everything from echoing to noisy neighbours. Different from soundproofing, which is used to block out sound altogether, acoustic wall panels and other acoustic solutions will deal with any excessive noise or reverberation issues at mid to high frequencies, drastically reducing, but not entirely eliminating, noise found within a room.


acoustic panels for the office


An ideal option for those looking to improve the acoustics in open-plan offices without compromising on aesthetics, they are also a common feature frequently found in recording studios, restaurants, and cinemas. They eliminate echoes by absorbing sounds and improve sound quality by enhancing sound properties, creating a more peaceful space.

Even though we have become incredibly skilled at drowning out the background noise around us, office acoustic panels for both walls and desk can drastically aid in the daily lives of employees who need peace and quiet to be able to work productively, and without noisy interruptions that often come with an open-plan layout. Wall and floor acoustic sound panels help employees to concentrate while also providing them with a peaceful and stress-free environment, essential not only to get work done efficiently but also for good mental and physical health.

Most effective when mounted at head level, acoustic foam panels will absorb noise that’s generated when talking and work best in environments where there are a lot of people and big groups together in one space.

Why you should buy acoustic sound panels from us

It’s not about creating a completely silent office or workspace - that would be both impossible and not a very fun or creative place for people to work. But for those times when you need to get on with things or take some time out away from everyone else, whether you are in the office or at home, we know that everyone deserves a peaceful space to work. Our wall panels are not just highly acoustic but also aesthetically appealing, to complement your office and home furniture

Modern and stylish with a high sound absorption capacity, our high-quality acoustic panels for the office are a smart solution to create the perfect balance of noise levels while adding to the overall aesthetic. Both artwork and sound absorbers in one, we have a range of stunning options that are easy to mount at any height and make any wall look great!

Want some peace and quiet while you work? Then it is essential to choose the right panels - ergonomic and beautiful, ours are available in various shapes and sizes, guaranteeing that you will find the perfect panel for your workspace.