Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti- fatigue mats are an effective yet simple way to reduce stresses on the feet and legs and to avoid circulatory problems associated with standing for long periods. Standing for long hours at your sit stand desk has never been easier, browse our collection and get one for yourself Now!

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2 Results

A recent study by Loughborough University has confirmed that anti-fatigue mats can have a significant positive impact on the health of those who stand for prolonged periods of time.

These mats, specially designed to reduce foot and leg fatigue, are placed on hard floors. Their cushioning, anti fatigue action protects your feet and legs whilst also protecting against slips, trips, and falls.

How do anti fatigue mats work?

Standing for extended periods can cause workers to feel tired and uncomfortable. Over time, blood pools in the legs and muscles begin to ache.

Anti fatigue mats fight tiredness by encouraging micro movements in the calf muscles and hips and helping to promote blood circulation and blood flow through the legs, thereby restoring healthy circulation. Small pieces of textured rubber move as feet adapt to the cushioned surface of the mat forcing leg muscles to move as they maintain balance. This almost imperceptible adjustment helps to keep blood flowing and shift loads across joints. 

What are the benefits of anti fatigue mats?

Anti fatigue mats help to improve health by relieving tension and supporting muscles. Research shows that stress mats target lower back problems and help many foot conditions, eliminate joint and muscle pain and reduce overall fatigue.

Furthermore, because they reduce strain, they increase comfort levels, vital for both productivity and concentration. Evidence suggests that they improve posture as people work while also decreasing the amount of pressure on their spine.

Lastly, rubber anti fatigue mats improve the overall safety of your workplace. Rubber gripping and textured surfaces make slips, trips and falls less likely.

Workplace mats, though often forgotten, are a valuable investment in your health. We offer the best anti fatigue and anti-stress mats in UK, get yours today! Let us help you to mind your health!