Chair Mats

Have you invested in quality finishes for your office space such as hardwood floors, wool carpets or tiles? Keep the finish up to spec with a high-quality chair mat. Choose from our range of chair mats Today!

2 Results

2 Results

A stylish office must also be a productive one, so getting the right accessories to ensure optimum comfort is a vital step towards productivity and performance in the office.

Why Use An Office Chair Mat?

You may have walked into an office at some point and seen chair mats positioned under the chairs. When you have invested in quality finishes for your office environment such as hardwood floors, wool carpets or tiles, then you want to keep the finish up to spec. A chair mat will protect your flooring from the wear of an office chair and minimise any damage from the legs or wheels of your ergonomic chair, preventing scratch marks or unsightly indentations. They also provide a more comfortable seating experience for employees, ensuring their seat stays firmly in place until they want to move and allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

A Design Led Selection For Office Chairs

You’ve worked hard to get your office environment looking it's best and have invested in top quality desks and office chairs, so complement them with a high quality chair mat that looks great and keeps your flooring protected. Anti-static mats can also help to protect your electrical equipment from damage as well. And office chair mats allow everyone to move smoothly and comfortably. It’s a stylish solution to keeping your office environment in the best condition.