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Do you spend hours sitting in front of your laptop every day? Then make comfort at your desk your top priority with a desk foot rest – a small foot rest with big benefits!

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    ergonomic footrest
    Eze tiltable ergonomic footrest
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    Gymba Standing Board 46.5cm x 30.5cm - Dark Graphite
    Gymba standing board 46.5cm x 30.5cm - dark graphite
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2 Results

Put our foot rests to the test!

You may not think that sitting causes any strain to the body, but more and more people are realising that sitting at an office desk chair every day for too long has many negative effects on the body, including back and spinal discomfort, leg swelling, and chronic back and neck pain. This is why a footrest is essential, as it provides you with comfort and support while you work and works to alleviate common back and leg problems.

Taking Control With Ergonomic Accessories

Make health and wellbeing at work a reality with ergonomic foot rests are a must. They ensure good posture and less tension in the legs, shoulders and back and can be used with practically every desk and chair. Making a real difference to how you feel while working every day, foot rests keep the legs elevated, improve posture and cause less strain on the back, while at the same time improving the circulation in your legs! A simple, yet super effective, smart, and comfortable solution for everyday working life! Foot rests also reduce pressure on the lower back, eliminate fatigue and general muscle strain.


balancing foot rest

Easily adjustable for even more comfort, we have a wide range of stylish, modern, and high-quality foot rests on offer, guaranteed to suit everyone's individual needs. We also have a range of high-quality Gymba Boards on offer - These foot rests with advance balance reduce your chances of overstraining, allowing you to get on with your work and day in comfort. Put our foot rests to the test!