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Save valuable desk space and gain full control of your workstation. Our monitor arm offers the most ergonomic way to ensure that your screen is always at the right angle and height for you!

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    emma monitor arms black
    Emma dual monitor arm
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    Levanta Monitor Arm
    Levanta monitor arm
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    leap dual monitor arm in silver
    Levanta dual monitor arm
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    emma single monitor arm
    Emma single monitor arm
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6 Results

UK's Best Single and Dual Monitor Arm for Desk

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You don't have to place extra strain on your neck and shoulders or put yourself at risk of poor posture-related health issues with our monitor arms. 

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Setting up a space to fit all of your needs is an essential part of creating a comfortable and safe everyday working environment.

Did you know your computer monitor should always be directly in front of you with your eyes at screen level while being only an arm's length away? - but in reality, this isn't always the case. Monitor arms can help ensure that you always have the correct desk set-up, boosting productivity, reducing eyestrain and creating a comfortable area to work from. 

Helping to eliminate discomfort while working, our smart monitor arms also help to transform your environment, providing a clutter-free workspace that contributes to overall productivity. Tilt your screen forward and backwards with the incline adjustment and gain more precious desk space. Adjust your monitor’s height, angle and depth to suit your own height.  Now you can enjoy increased space, increased comfort and increased productivity. 

Don’t underestimate the power of Monitor arm for Desks

Allowing you to move your screen in any direction you want, it's also the ideal accessory for when you want to relax at the end of the day - perfect for watching movies, tv or for gaming. Remaining completely stable at any angle and with a vast array to choose from, our high-quality, ergonomic monitor arms, single arms and dual arms will fit all of your individual and unique requirements and are easy to install.