There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by noisy colleagues and office chatter when you’re trying to focus, so, what if there was a simple solution that could provide the privacy and seclusion that you need? Choose from our range of office dividers, office privacy screens and other office desk screens to give yourself the perfect acoustic solution to a noisy office, the possibility of social distancing and the privacy that you need.

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5 Results

Acoustic solutions for your noisy workspace! 

Investing in an office partition or screen is the ideal fix, as it’s a simple and effective way to create defined spaces that offer the opportunity for quiet concentration and privacy.

The use of office partitions originates from the 1950s German design collective Quickborner, who decided to break up the seemingly endless rows of desks inside ‘open plan’ offices into more organic groups with partition screens for privacy. The idea took off, and since this time office partitions have been utilised by businesses all around the world. Failing to provide your staff with the privacy and quiet they need to do their job properly will have a massive impact on productivity, likely leading to a reduction in sales or profit in the long term. Trying to define separate workspaces using partition screens will allow your staff to enter their own independent working bubble, free from the distractions of others and able to truly concentrate on whatever task they must complete.


One specific type of office partition can be of real benefit to noisy workspaces everywhere – acoustic office screens. Acoustic screens can essentially absorb the buzz of any office environment to create the most manageable sound level for each individual employee on your team. However for powerful acoustics for a larger office office space or a room, you can check out our other acoustic panelling solutions in addition to the office screens. 

Office partitions will help you to create an atmosphere of independent, quiet working whenever it is necessary to focus, as well as having the added bonus of being opened up to create a team working space at the drop of a hat. It’s so simple to use an office partition screen, as they secure together to form almost any kind of shape or pattern you require. Whether you want long rows of productive employees working together, or small independent bubbles that allow for more private operations, it’s all possible with the use of quality products like free standing office dividers, desktop dividers and partition screens.

Many businesses find that they need to maintain high levels of privacy for security reasons, as perhaps sensitive information is handled by certain staff members who need a safe workspace in which they can carry out their job without the worry that data is at risk. Utilising an office screen to create a closed off environment in which these employees can carry out their work will add an extra layer of protection for a very affordable price, so it’s extremely useful in every sense.

Making the Right Choice

So, if you’re searching for the highest quality office partitions and screens to create the most productive and efficient workspace ever, then you have most definitely found your way to the right place. For modern, stylish, and ergonomic office furniture that can take your business from zero to hero, then simply carry on scrolling! You’d be surprised to see the difference that the appropriate office furniture can make in a workspace, so make the right choice today and create an environment in which your staff can thrive in the office or at home.