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Prevent & Ease Neck & Backaches - Make them a Thing of the Past! Our Stylish Ergonomic Desk Chairs Come with Characteristics to Keep You Pleasant Even if You have to Sit for Lengthy Periods of Time.

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Let's Help You Choose a Desk Chair that Keeps Away Bad Backs & Injuries

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When you spend more than 8hrs sitting on a desk chair almost every day, you may experience back, shoulder and neck injuries. Ergonomic office chairs are designed in a way that prevents such injuries and provides you with a natural S-shaped posture.

Explore All Ergonomic Desk Chairs?

Choose this option if you are not sure which exact ergonomic chair you want and would like to explore all the available options. 

Ergonomic Mesh Back Chairs 

Mesh Desk Chairs are the type of ergonomic chairs which use a 3-D breathable mesh back to reduce the discomfort of sitting for long hours. Mesh back chairs support your lumbar regions and encourage a good spinal posture. 

Why Buy Mesh Desk Chair?

Choose this option if you need a stylish-looking ergonomic chair built with high-quality components & a breathable mesh back.  


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Ergonomic Desk Stools

Add serious style and create a cool, modern vibe at the same time ensuring your team is comfortable. Invest in an ergonomic stool!

Why Ergonomic Desk Stool?

Choose this option if you want a desk stool that can be height adjusted to use with your adjustable standing desk.   

UK's Best Ergonomic Office Chairs



When you’re spending an average of 8 hours a day sitting on a desk chair, it must be a good one. The quality of your office desk chair has a direct and proven impact on your health.

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We stock a wide range of modern comfortable office chairs, each designed to maximise your comfort and flexibility, and never compromise on style or quality. 

What Type of Ergonomic Office Chairs are Available?

Precision-engineered and manufactured from the highest quality materials, you can choose from a wide variety of comfortable ergonomic office chairs like ergonomic desk chairs with fabric back, ergonomic office chairs with mesh back, ergonomic office chairs with swivel function and ergonomic desk stools. Medical experts recommend against sitting on your desk chair all day long and would recommend interchanging a seated and standing position throughout your working day. However, each ergonomic desk chair in our collection is comfortable to sit in for long hours minimizing the risk of back and neck pain.

Why Buy Ergonomic Office Chair at all?

Ergonomic office chairs have been designed and refined over years to provide the ultimate seating experience. Think of that which you consider the ultimate seating experience. It may be a thoroughly cushioned and only slightly supportive resting seat. But studies show that comfort isn’t achieved through limited compression or a lack of support. Chairs that are strongly supported and are adaptive to the contours of your body and spine are those that will feel the most comfortable.

Furthermore, firm seating that allows for a supported sitting experience is much preferable than sitting on a cushioned surface for long periods of time. Ergonomic desk chairs for offices provide both of those utilities. Furthermore, they are durable, adjustable, and can be used to fit your anthropometry. 


What are the Benefits of a High-Quality Ergonomic Office Chair?

When buying an ergonomic chair to work from home or for the office staff, you are directly investing in the health of those who will ultimately use it. This is because modern ergonomic office chairs are designed to help you sit upright and alert - with the benefit of training your posture. This means that over time, the damage of sitting for long periods is much reduced. Couple this with an adjustable standing desk, and you can ensure both lasting health and comfort. These comfortable ergonomic desk chairs are not just stylish but also long-lasting. Here at O.plan®, Our chairs come with an average 5 year warranty at very reasonable prices. We have put an extra effort to make these chairs affordable for our customers. 

When hoping to improve your productivity and daily working health, it’s important to look at the worthwhile investments you could make. Long-term working and especially sitting as a form of repetitive sedentary activity can raise your risk of diabetes, heart conditions, prevent the healthy circulation of blood, and even increases your cholesterol. This is where the ergonomic desk chairs come into play.

Ergonomic Office Chairs with Mesh & Fabric Backs

Mesh back chairs, are affordable, breathable and easier-to-adapt sitting experience with full lumbar support or back support. Thanks to their relatively subtle design, they can also look fantastic in any office environment.

Ergonomic fabric office chair like the stylish Duorest 2.0 offers the full range of supportive elements while opting for a fabric back finish in blue and grey fabric options. These can often look more uniform and are sometimes more affordable, without sacrificing the amazing quality of ergonomics you have come to expect.

Ergonomic Office Stools for Home & Office

Ergonomic office stools can be utilized in environments where a large office chair may not be suitable but sitting properly and mindful of your best posture will help. It’s no wonder that businesses up and down the country are investing in ergonomic office stools to thoroughly complete their office seating designs. 

Most Affordable Ergonomic Office Chairs in the UK

We have stocked some of the best ergonomic desk chairs in our Cambridge warehouse at prices exclusive to O.plan. Our chairs are not just good for you but for our planet too. Here is what you can expect from our ergonomic office chairs:

O.plan® ergonomic desk chairs are engineered to promote your health and wellness. Our chairs use an Italian-Donati mechanism for weight balancing, a uniquely designed backrest for extra comfort, and adjustable lumbar support for your lower back. The other features of our chairs include custom height, depth, and tilting adjustment, breathable 3-D mesh backrest with air chamber seat technology for superior comfort, and lever control mechanism for the back and seat adjustment. Most of our chairs have a load capacity of 100-125 kgs with an industry-leading 5 year warranty. 

If you’re looking for additional support, you may wish to use smart electric sit-stand desks alongside your new ergonomic office chair, to overwhelmingly the comfort, relief, and daily productivity you’re looking for. O.plan® is a one-stop store for the best ergonomic office chairs & desk chairs online.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss your options. We’re happy to help.