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  1. ida ergonomic stool
    Ida ergonomic office stool
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  2. wobble stool
    Anya ergonomic wobble stool
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    liv ergonomic stool
    Liv ergonomic wobble stool
    As low as Our Price: £109.00 £130.80 Was Our Price: £214.80 Was £ 179
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  4. alti ergonomic stool black
    Alti ergonomic office stool
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4 Results

Best Ergonomic Stool Collection in the UK

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Desk stools, also known as office stools, are one of the most versatile pieces of office furniture. If you invest in adjustable height office stools, you can provide ergonomic seating for meeting spaces, communal areas, offices, home studies, canteens and bars.

We stock a vast range of desk stools, which can be used in a variety of settings within all kinds of workplaces. From standing desk stools to office stools, for employees tackling work tasks to bar stools, and for seating that can be used for canteens, break-out/ chill-out areas and co-working stations to reception spaces, we’re confident we can help you find exactly what you want. Our range includes some of the UK's best ergonomic height adjustable stools.

Our desk stools are designed not solely to provide a comfortable spot to sit for clients and employees, but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal of an office or collaborative working space whilst always improving posture. Our ergonomic furniture provides solutions for everyday problems faced by employers and staff teams, and we understand the importance of ticking both boxes. Our stools look trendy and edgy, but they’re also incredibly comfortable.

We provide a selection of office stools, bar stools and desk stools, which are designed for a range of purposes. We offer stunning units to complement with ergonomic desks, corner desks and computer desks, to suit every taste and to complement a variety of spaces. We cater for everything from chic modern offices and rustic and retro studios to cool dining areas and functional collaborative workspaces. 

The Benefits of Buying an Ergonomic Desk Stool

Comfort and Improved Posture

We all know that being comfortable is essential at work. If you’re sitting down all day, and you’re not comfortable, this could contribute to aches and pains and will prevent you from focusing on your to-do list and working productively. Comfort is key for employees, and this is why we offer a range of seating options. With height-adjustable office stools, desk stools with a back and standing desk stools, employees can now choose how to set up their workstation and improve posture to lower the risk of back and shoulder pain. You choose how you work!


Stools are portable, and have a range of uses. Stools are easily moved around offices and meeting rooms to facilitate group work and create more versatile workspaces. Adding and taking away stools enables you to set up meeting pods or offices for large or small groups, and you can also relocate stools from work areas to recreational spaces to relax or enjoy a moment of downtime during lunch breaks.


We have a stunning range of desk stools to brighten up communal areas, create smart, professional offices and inject character and individuality into reception or office areas. Also check out our spectacular smart chair solutions with mesh and non-mesh back options. 

If you have any questions about our desk stools, or you’d like advice about which office stools or bar stools would suit your business best, we’d love to hear from you!