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    Hushmeet large
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  3. Office Phone booth
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    Hushmeet open
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6 Results

Flexible, Problem-Solving Pods

The ways that we work have evolved beyond all recognition in recent years. Blended environments, video calling, group brainstorming and daily scrums are all concepts that simply didn’t exist a few years ago - and yet to a large extent, our workspaces are yet to catch up with the new developments. The environment in which we carry out our work has enormous power to shape our health, productivity, collaboration and creativity, so why persist in trying to bend your working practices around a space designed for old ways of working?


office pod special features


Businesses have to think on their feet and constantly be making changes in order to thrive in today’s digital, always-on world. That means they need an environment which matches these dynamic ways of working. A space that can be reconfigured to suit current needs, and that can provide a balance between open plan, collaborative space and smaller, quieter areas that allow for focused solo work or sensitive conversations, is essential. Office pods can hold the key to a working environment that supports how you want to work, now. They’re designed to be both flexible and futureproof - adapting to suit your business needs in the here and now, and also tomorrow and the day after that. 



Configurable Small Space

Presenting the ultimate in comfort, convenience and configurable small space, office pods open up new possibilities for your working environment:

  • Allowing staff to observe social distancing guidelines while remaining in sight of colleagues
  • Supporting different ways of working and neurodiversity
  • Creating a flexible configuration in your space to suit the task at hand
  • Increasing the ability to hold small meetings or one-to-ones without disturbing those around
  • Giving space for private and confidential conversations and phone calls
  • Lowering staff stress levels and improving a sense of wellbeing
  • Supporting focused working on time-critical or knowledge-intensive tasks
  • Enhancing staff engagement with projects
  • Improving staff productivity 

Introducing indoor office work pods and booths could be what you need in order to adapt your space to the new ways of working and to support employee wellbeing. Giving separate working areas that also maintain visual connectivity is key. Colleagues can feel connected and benefit from all the collaborative relationships that open-plan working brings, while also having a private space in which to concentrate or tackle sensitive tasks.

We all work in increasingly agile ways - so our working environments need to support and promote this. Physical surroundings have the power to profoundly influence our wellbeing and performance - use this to your advantage by creating an office space that allows everyone to reach their full potential. 

Office Meeting Pods

Meeting pods give you the ideal space-within-a-space. Fully enclosed and as visually linked as you want, these pods provide superb acoustic insulation to keep what happens inside the meeting room, in the room. Providing an ideal place for staff to work without the disturbance and cognitive interruptions of an open-plan environment, the office meeting pod also allows confidentiality to be maintained where necessary. Meeting pods can be selected in lots of shapes, capacities and colours. They can include lighting, audio-visual equipment, desk and even castors for ultimate mobility.  

Office Phone Booths

If your working environment is busy and noisy, you may well find it hard to conduct important telephone negotiations or find space for a private conversation. How many times have you crammed into a stairwell with a bad signal? Office Phone Booths are a small personal space that allows you to take telephone or video calls in complete acoustic privacy. Their small size means that they can be in any corner of the office for easy use. They can include a small tablet to take notes at and power points for phones and laptops. They provide a convenient answer to one of the main dilemmas of modern open plan working. 

Home Garden Office Pods

With the exponential rise in remote working, we’re all having to find additional space in our homes for our professional lives. This trend sees no sign of slowing down, with blended and flexible working models becoming the norm. You can redefine working from home with the addition of an ergonomic garden office pod. This separate space supports you to maintain focus and productivity by creating a light-filled private workspace away from your main residence - but just a short commute down the garden path! The ideal solution for home-based workers, entrepreneurs and freelancers, these spaces are proven to enhance mental wellbeing and professionalism, with a sleek design that will complement your home or garden area. Our garden rooms can be turned into a complete ergonomic space, just add a smart sit stand desk and seating for a complete ergonomic home office solution. With complete privacy, natural light, and a space to focus on work, who knows what you could achieve?