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Here it is, finally, an independent contemporary way to work!

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2 Results

Best Work Pods in the UK

Here at O.plan®, we have the best acoustic work pod selection in the UK for you! Office pods for work, calls & meetings are the future of the working world and here’s why: If you’ve limited space in the office but need a place to have a peaceful call, progressive meeting or simply need a place to focus, this is for you! The days of big board rooms and meeting rooms are a thing of the past. These Pods are taking over!


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Acoustic Work Pods for a 360° Ergonomic Workspace

So what is it really like in the Work Pods? The Pods are completely ergonomically laid out as your comfort is our priority. There is ample room in each specific pod, room for a built-in table, seating, an array of USB power and network ports. There is incredible acoustic inside each pod, with no room for distraction. We realise that your time is precious, so we’ve ensured there are sound dampening materials used to reduce the outside sound. There is also an intelligent ventilation system so you continue to feel fresh and revitalized while in the pod. In addition to the work pods, we also have larger pods for team meetings and work

Hush Work Pod for One Person

The HushWork Pod is a truly independent, quiet and confidential space for you to thrive. This pod is for that all-important meeting, Zoom call, phone call or even just an hour or so to yourself to get things done, efficiently and in your own space, literally. Your own private work Pod. No distractions, no noise, no interruptions, just you and your work! Focus, clarity and comfort!

Hush Work Pod for Two Individuals

HushTwin is made by two joined pods, with its own sofa, desk, lighting, and ventilation. The Twin is a relaxed and quiet workspace for two professionals to talk about privately. There’s more space to truly be yourself in your meetings, get your ideas out on the table, reach your full potential without worrying about what anyone else thinks of you, just be completely you!

These pods bring calm and silence to your workspace. When the bustle and clutter of a busy office are quietened in the pod, there is more room for inspiration, ideas, initiative and progress.