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3 Results

Futureproof Your Workspace

Your business needs space as flexible and creative as you are. And that’s where acoustic ergonomic office pods for work, phone calls and meetings can transform your working practice and give you the ideal balance between collaborative, open-plan working and the need for smaller, more private spaces for periods of focused task-led concentration or sensitive meetings and conversations. Allowing you the ultimate in flexibility, these clever designs can help you to manage your space dynamically, adapting it to your changing business needs.

Meeting room pods can be a transformative addition to your work environment. Introducing this way of working has countless benefits for your staff and your business. Let’s start with wellbeing. Although open-plan workspaces have many clear benefits - including enhanced collaboration and connectivity between teams - there are times when employees find them problematic, such as occasions where sensitive, confidential information needs to be communicated in a meeting or a phone call, or when a task requires deep focus without the constant stream of interruptions a large, busy office inevitably has. Having mobile work pods and modular meeting pod solves this issue, allowing enclosed, acoustically private spaces to be added quickly and conveniently, without any of the cost and inconvenience of building work.



Supporting Employee Wellbeing

Another important function of acoustic meeting pods is to support employee wellbeing. The availability of a quiet space to retreat to when needed is cognitively important and helps to support neurodiversity and different working styles within the office environment. We’re all looking for ways to enhance productivity and focus, and come up with creative solutions to the operational challenges that we face. Having office meeting pods available allows your team to thrive, with the space they need to tackle their work the right way.


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A Perfect Acoustic Solution

When you need to ensure privacy, our pods can give you a quiet environment - invaluable for tasks requiring a deeper level of concentration, or for handling confidential information. We also offer office phone pods which provide an acoustically-enclosed space which allows you the privacy to work without interruptions and ensures that your phone call doesn’t disrupt colleagues.

Great For Team Meetings And Calls

Do your team meetings become loud? This is generally a great sign of enthusiasm and creative thinking, but it can be slightly less appealing if you’re trying to concentrate. Creating a soundproof, enclosed space with acoustic seating pods or a meeting booth could spell the ideal solution, containing one activity in its place and minimising noise disturbances to other colleagues. From small two person meeting pods to something larger, we have it covered. With convenient online ordering, a huge variety of stylish designs to complement any working environment and the best prices in the UK, we can make the process of buying and installing office meeting pods easy and we will tailor them to your exact requirements. You can select from our handpicked range of ergonomic chairs and stools to fit in your meeting pods. 

Freestanding and Mobile

Using your space in ways that are appropriate to the task at hand is the secret to great spatial design. Office meeting pods are a brilliant way to take back control of your office. So whether you want open-plan working plus all the convenience of a quiet space when required or you need to zone your office space to match the needs of staff and projects, the flexibility that meeting room pods can give you is unparalleled. Make your space work for you, make your space suit your needs, so that your office accommodation can change alongside your business. Without the need for expensive and inconvenient permanent building works - which usually aren’t possible in a rental environment - you can quickly adapt to the space you have. With mobile meeting pods that can literally be rolled in and out of position, you can start using the office environment in new ways that support the focus and productivity of your team, and cater for different staff working styles and operational demands.


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Ideal for Open Plan Offices

There are so many plus points to open-plan working. From having clear visibility on staff actions to enabling better communication and cross-team working, there are aspects that you won’t want to lose. However, we all know the occasional downsides - lack of privacy and being constantly distracted when you need to focus. Adding a moveable office pod addresses these concerns - allowing you to enjoy all the upsides of open-plan working without the drawbacks.

Stylish and Ergonomically Designed

A complement to any office environment, we know that good design is both functional and stylish - that’s why the aesthetic appeal of our designer pods is carried through in every detail. No matter the design of your space, with a huge choice of colours, fittings and styles you can customise a meeting room pod to suit your company.