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The Best Environment To Knock Out Work

Working in a noisy office can be challenging when it comes to making important calls. That’s why office phone booths can provide the escape and the privacy needed. Equally, they enable you to simply get a few minutes of peace and quiet to reflect, to breathe or to recharge the batteries. Office phone booths are a type of pod that you can pop into when needed to make that important business call without the distraction of background noise. And as much as they are beneficial for you, they are also handy for those co-workers who don’t want to be distracted from their work either.


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A range of styles is available to match the aesthetic of your own office so that they blend in seamlessly with the surroundings. Our range of hush phone booths and others have state of the art acoustics that ensures privacy that’s needed when it comes to confidential matters whether that’s for a client or for yourself. They’re versatile in that they can easily be moved around the office to find the best spot for easy access.

Stunning Range Of Designs

We’ve made sure that our office phone booths are of unique quality. We understand that every business is different, whether you’re in a corporate workplace or a creative one. You might have a sleek modern look to your office, or it could be more rustic. That’s why we have a stunning range of designs, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t fit your aesthetic. As a provider of premium UK office furniture and ergonomic pods for home and offices, we are confident that we offer the best office phone booths that the UK has to offer.


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Acoustic & Sound-Proof Solution

Being able to take a video conference call or phone call on your own is hard to do when in an office space. With most businesses now opting for more open-plan layouts, that can make it even more challenging. It’s important that you strike the right balance when it comes to a mixture of open-space working areas but also locations where someone can have privacy if they need it. These office phone booths are sound-proof so that no one can hear in, and you can’t hear out - ensuring a more focused phone call or video conference meeting in a busy office environment.

Freestanding And Mobile

With style and ergonomics at the forefront of our design process, these office phone booths make a stylish and essential addition to any office. They can take centre stage in the middle of a room, or you can tuck them away and against a wall. Don’t like where you’ve placed it? It’s mobile and easily moveable to cater to offices that are always adapting to changing layouts. They’re also ventilated, an essential feature during cold times. O.plan also offers bigger pods for meetings and conferences with similar acoustic features. 

Your office really isn’t complete without one of these stylish office phone booths. Take a look at our range, and you will wonder why you haven’t got one before!