O.plan Wellbeing

What makes O.plan® different is that we try and test each product ourselves, before putting it on our site. If the product isn’t good enough for us, it's simply not good enough for you! We take genuine care and pride in the fact we only sell products of high-quality engineering and methodically manufactured. Our aim is to integrate ergonomics at the centre of offices, as we believe it matters so much. Health, well-being and ergonomics have been talked about for years. Thankfully these days well-being at work is becoming more understood and respected, finally, it is being taken as seriously as it truly is. Better late than never, and it’s not too late! You can start now!

Our way of thinking is why wait until you have back problems, lets promote preventing instead of curing! Think about it, if everyone knows someone who has back problems and neck problems, isn’t that too many already? Not only does everyone know someone with pain, stiffness, aches and inflammation, everyone probably has experienced some kind of discomfort themselves! What if there was something out there to help prevent these issues, something you could do for yourself, or your employer could do for you!

Well, good news! Every product on this site aims to promote health & wellness, ergonomics and essentially just being more active in your day-to-day life. The more active we are, to whatever degree, the fewer aches & pains we have. It’s more straight forward than people think, see that’s more good news!

The best news is your wellbeing is completely up to you! Your manager could provide you with every product here, and it's still up to you to use it. Empower yourself and take control today! We can say with great confidence that if you use our products, you will be more active and without doubt, feel better from moving more.

Each of our health and wellbeing products have been scientifically engineered and methodically manufactured. As a result, you can select the right thing to help you stand, sit and work the right way for you. We are all different, but we all are healthier being active.

Some people might benefit from a comfortable ergonomic chair and tilting foot stool (insert links), others might prefer a sit stand desk with a desk converter.

We have a large range of good quality ergonomic products that we hope you find suits your health and well-being the best! So pick what you think will suit you and start feeling better in hours (yes, it doesn’t take long to feel the effects of ergonomics). We hope you benefit as much as we have!